10 Reasons Self Storage Makes Perfect Sense - 10/12/2014

Self storage is an incredibly popular option for those looking for cheap short term and long term accommodation for various items. More often than not, people can dismiss the idea of self storage due to cost or the location of the nearest facility, but if you take a step back and weight up the pros and cons, there are many reasons why it can be a perfect option for many home and business owners.

If you need more convincing, then here are 10 reasons self storage makes perfect sense:

Self Storage Is Cheap

Self storage prices, although dependant on location and the company you are going to be using are often far more affordable than you think. So whatever your reason for using self storage, you can guarantee it‘s not going to break the bank to use it short term or long term.

If you use the unit for business purposes it will cost you a lot less than renting a retail space. If you compare retail rental prices at hundreds of pounds a month, to storage unit prices at less than £100 a month, it doesn‘t take a rocket scientist to see how much money there is to be saved.

Self Storage Could Make You Money

If you‘re running a business from a self storage unit, all being well, you will be making money. Ask any of the thousands of business owners working from self storage units and they will happily tell you how working from a cheap unit bumps up their profits considerably.

Your space at home is also worth more money than a self storage unit, so if you have a spare room you could rent out, put the contents in self storage and start raking in the cash.

Self Storage Protects Your Items

Whilst in storage (as long as it is packaged well) your items will stay dry and safe. If your house is under construction or you‘re renovating it, your precious furniture and ornaments will be much safer in a unit well away from the work that is being done. Your items will also be protected from weather damage if they are usually kept outside.

Self Storage Provides Additional Security

If you go on holiday leaving expensive items in your house, unless you have a house sitter there will inevitably be large periods of time that those expensive items are open to theft. Thieves are very good at spotting when people are on holiday, and the only way to protect your items from theft while you are away is to move them from the property to a place where they can‘t be stolen.

Self Storage Offers You Weekend Fun

If you live in a built up area where bicycles, quad bikes, canoes and similar weekend hobby items are not an option, self storage offers you the opportunity to own and keep items like these for use at the weekends. So the restrictions placed on the space you can afford are essentially lifted.

Self Storage Has Many Different Uses

Self storage does not just have one use, it has many. Essentially it provides additional space you may not have at work or home. And with that space, comes many possibilities.

Here are just some of the uses for self storage:

* Business space - Many entrepreneurs are using self storage units to run successful businesses. This could be martial arts classes, online businesses, antiques storage and upcycling workshop space.

* Saving for a mortgage - More and more people are having to move back in with their parents in order to save up enough money to get on the housing ladder. As it is impossible to shift an entire house worth of items into one bedroom, many people temporarily store these items in self storage until they are able to afford their own property.

* Downsizing or clearing a property - Sometimes a property needs to be cleared quickly, which means there simply isn‘t time to sort through every drawer or make decisions about furniture and ornaments. In this instance, self storage comes in incredibly handy as it means items can be stored cheaply whilst time is spent sorting through the items properly.

Self Storage Saves You Stress

When you‘re coordinating house moves, house clearances or office relocation, stress can be a pretty damaging issue, even in the short term. By investing in some self storage as an ‘in-between‘ to take the pressure off moving deadlines, you save yourself plenty of sleepless nights.

Self Storage Saves You Money

But how can it save you money if it costs money?

If you run a business from a self storage unit you will already know how much money it saves you. Other ways it can save you money are by giving you time. Perhaps you need time to get the furniture or ornaments from a deceased relatives property valued and their property needs to be cleared before you will have chance to do that. If those items are extremely valuable you won‘t miss out on the money for it because you‘ll have stored it safely until you are able to get it valued properly.

If you use storage for your moving process you could save money on moving van costs. Moving companies can charge a huge chunk of money for moving services, so if you can save cash by making a few trips filling and unloading a unit yourself, why not?

Self Storage Offers You Legal Respite

Sadly in life, not everything is cut and dry when it comes to ownership. And there are plenty of legal battles occurring every day in relation to household items. If there is a dispute over a deceased person‘s estate, or over items owned by a person going through a divorce, self storage is a good way to keep the items in a neutral place until the dispute has been resolved.

Self Storage Offers You Feng Shui

You don‘t need everything you own at your fingertips 24/7. If you can clear space in your home by selling items, that‘s great. However if you have seasonal items or items you‘re waiting to sell or find a space for, why not place them in self storage. It offers you the ability to de-clutter and enjoy the space you have available to you at home.


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