GetStoredUK’s Price List

GetStoredUK can provide you with all of the packing materials ready for your storage. Not only do we hire these products but we can also sell them to you at great prices.

Below is the list of what GetStoredUK can provide you with:

Cardboard boxes (18“ by 18“ by 18“) for sale

Bubble wrap for sale

Industrial clingfilm (protective wrap) for sale

Mattress protectors (double bed size) for sale

Sofa/Settee protectors for sale

Armchair Protectors for sale

Removal blankets for sale

Tape for sale

Tissue/Wrapping paper for sale

Removal ties for sale

Wardrobe boxes for sale

£2.00 each

£20 per 50 meter roll

£7.00 per roll

£8.50 each

£8.50 each

£6.00 each

£3.50 each

£1.50 per roll

£6.00 per 100 sheets

1 x 20m strong webbing ties / lorry straps £10 per roll

£8.75 each

To make a booking or for an informal chat give us a call on our FREE phone number

07740 581184

Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Prices Start From Just

£5 A Week!

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