5 Ways In Which Self Storage Can Improve Your Home Life - 05/11/2014

Self-storage has only just begun making its way into the UK, though has already become one of the country‘s favourite conveniences. Why? It‘s simple really - Britain has been running short on space for a fair few decades now, so it‘s hardly surprising that the folks out there offering a little more of the stuff are doing pretty well for themselves.

For the time being, most of those making use of self-storage facilities are doing so for the sake of businesses, industrial operations and all manner of logistical reasons. However, those from domestic circles are slowly but surely coming around to the idea of self-storage and realising in just how many ways it has the potential to improve a person‘s home life as well.

How could self-storage benefit you, not to mention a million others?

In dozens of ways, though the following five warrant particularly worthy mention:

1 - Clearing Clutter

So first of all comes the most obvious and immediate benefit - the opportunity to get rid of all that clutter that‘s been plaguing the family home for years. Clearing clutter is as easy as looking around each room individually and thinking carefully about what kind of stuff you actually need, what you don‘t really want to live without and what‘s essentially getting in the way. Everything in the third of these categories and probably a good deal from the second could easily be transferred to a self-storage unit, instantly making the home feel much larger and infinitely easier to clean. After a while, it‘s then a case of just deciding what‘s been missed by the family and what hasn‘t – you can always change your mind at any time.

2 – Home Office

Something else to consider is that of the home office – though admittedly this particular point is exclusive to home workers. For those working from home…or at least thinking of starting up a home office…it‘s generally impossible to keep a clear divide between the domestic side of life and business dealings. From essential stock to all manner of excess paperwork and really everything else that comes along with running a business, chances are it won‘t be long until much of the home is buried under a large pile of business detritus. As such, one of the best ways of avoiding this is to take on a self-storage unit and move as much of the clutter as possible off the premises entirely. And from a logistical point of view, such units make ideal logistical centres from which to process and sort deliveries…should this be a part of the business‘ operations.

3 – Making Moves Manageable

When it comes to moving home, really nothing can be quite as beneficial as a self-storage unit. As for why, it all comes down to the way in which this relocation ‘buffer‘ can be a real Godsend when the time comes to shift possessions. Emptying a home of all its contents all at the same time is easy - packing them all into a new home all at the same time is nigh-on impossible. And if the latter of the properties also happens to be in any way smaller... or perhaps on the ninth floor of a tower block…you have yourself an even bigger headache. By using a self-storage unit however, you have yourself a temporary storage zone to make the move a breeze.

4 – Protecting Valuables

Another excellent use for self-storage units is as something of an additional place to store valuables. Should a person or family keep every last one of their most important and irreplaceable possessions all in one place at the family home, they‘re essentially putting all of their eggs into one basket…as the saying goes. By contrast, those that keep at least some of their bits or perhaps backups of important things at a self-storage unit have blessed themselves with a uniquely effective insurance policy, just in case the worst should ever happen at home.

5 – Loft Conversions

And finally, there are thousands of homes across the UK that could easily and affordably be transformed into much larger and more spacious dwellings with a loft conversion, were it only that the 65-tons of garbage up there had a new home. Such a new home can be found in the form of a cheap and simple self-storage rental, which has the potential to immediately free up as much space as necessary in any home in order to make use of every last shred of space available... the loft included.


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