Self-Storage and Relocation - Why the Two Go Hand In Hand - 09/11/2014

Anyone that‘s ever been through the process of relocating to another home or office will know that for one reason or another, things never go quite to plan. Perhaps it comes down to simple underestimation; after all, all you‘re doing is taking a load of stuff from one place to another, right? It all sounds easy as can be on the surface, but it usually takes no more than a day or so into the moving process to find out first-hand that relocation never has been and never will be a simple process.

That being said, it is a process that can be made infinitely simpler with the help of a self-storage unit.

It may not seem like the most helpful asset on the surface, but that little bit (or lot) of extra space a storage unit offers really can make the biggest difference imaginable when making a move.

Here‘s an overview of just a few reasons when self-storage and relocation go hand in hand:

1 – An Emergency Backup

Firstly, it‘s worth noting that there are so many things that can go wrong without a word of warning when trying to move to a new home or office…as grim a thought as it may be. For any given reason, you may encounter something of a delay in being able to move the necessary bits and pieces into the new place. It may need a leaky pipe fixing, a wall repairing or total fumigation after discovering a bug infestation - in any and all cases you‘ll need somewhere to keep your stuff. Some opt for storing it in the back of the delivery van for a few days or some leaky-old shed somewhere, but with a self-storage unit on standby, you have yourself a save, protected and wholly accessible emergency backup no matter what occurs during the moving process.

2 – Bringing Order to Chaos

Assuming things don‘t go quite so badly as mentioned above, it‘s still important to factor in the incredible chaos that is trying to move an entirely life‘s possessions from one place to another. By simply dumping every last item right into the new place all at once, it can take weeks, or in some cases months to get everything in place and organised. And during this time of course, everyday life is made rather more difficult. By contrast, to use a self-storage unit as something of a relocation buffer means to take your time and move things in piece by piece at your own leisure and discretion. This not only brings order to chaos, but can potentially make the settling-in process infinitely faster.

3 – Clearing the Clutter

If there‘s one thing moving home is good for, it‘s getting a good look at all the pure garbage you‘ve accumulated over the years. Not only is it staggering, but also something of a big wakeup call to do something about it. This can be near-impossible when trying to deal with a fast paced A to B move, but with a self-storage locker things are different. The reason being that anything that isn‘t on the “Immediate Need” list can be put to one side and given due thought at an appropriate time. The clutter-clearing power of a self-storage unit is simply unrivalled.

4 – Enabling a Downsizing

Downsizing to a smaller property is always difficult, though can be made impossible if you already have too much stuff around the home. You can‘t fight the laws of physics, so if you have more things lying around than the new place will allow, you‘re going to need somewhere to put them. So rather than just going about a quick sale, giveaway or dumping of anything that won‘t fit, consider instead moving it all to a self-storage unit and allowing yourself all the time you need to decide what to do with it all. This way, there‘s no need to make a rash decision and end up getting rid of things you would have preferred to hold onto.

5 – Business as Usual

And finally, for those making business moves or perhaps moving a home office, a self-storage unit is just the ticket for ensuring that business as usual is allowed to continue. By using the unit as something of a temporary business buffer or perhaps a centre of logistics and storage while the chaos is going on with the move, it‘s perfectly easy to continue operating with little to no disruption whatsoever. What‘s more, the unit can also be used to store the most fragile, important or valuable bits and pieces of business equipment during the move, in order to prevent anything getting lost or damaged while the most chaotic parts of the relocation process are going on.


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