Why Self Storage Is the Right Option For So Many People - 12/12/2014

Whether you live in a city or a secluded rural area, there will probably come a time in your life when self-storage could be the right option for you. Space (or the lack of) is a problem for most people at some point and because of a universal need for space, it’s not really surprising that self storage is so popular and ever increasing in popularity and demand.

You will more than likely have gotten along well without self storage throughout your life, but once you have experienced the convenience of it, you will struggle to understand why you have never used it before.

If you’re unsure about self storage then here at Get Stored UK, we thought it may be useful for you to read about why it is such a good idea so we have put down a few reasons below.

It Is Needed Rather Than Wanted

It may have crossed your mind that self storage, as it is paid for, is a luxury that isn’t necessary. However this simply isn’t the case for many people that use it.

Homes are shrinking every single year as new properties are built with smaller and smaller dimensions to squeeze as many as possible into the smallest amount of space and very few people have the option (or indeed the finances) to upsize at the drop of a hat when circumstances change.

Because of this, self storage is actually necessary for a lot of people. It is in fact particularly necessary in cases where a family is extended unexpectedly, or where relatives have to come and stay without warning. In this case your priority is ultimately going to be making space for the people, not keeping the items in that space.

It Fits Around Your Needs

Self storage is incredibly flexible, which means pretty much anyone could find a use for it if they wanted to. Units can be rented for a day or for years and rates can often be negotiated depending on how long you plan to use the service for. It’s a service that meets the needs of most people, which is why when a person needs it, no matter what the reason is, they can find a suitable facility to meet their requirements.

It Has More Than Just Physical Benefits

Self storage has psychological benefits. Space in the home promotes space in the mind, and there aren’t many psychologists, life coaches or interior designers who wouldn’t promote clutter free living. There are few people alive who wouldn’t benefit psychologically from a clutter free home and self storage enables us to enjoy clutter free living without having to pick and choose between items we love, as when and if we find an immediate need for them, a trip down the facility means we can quickly get them back.

Offers Accessibility When You Need It

We all lead incredibly busy lives, so the ability to access our items at any hour of the day is important. Not all storage facilities are open 24/7 but most offer extremely flexible opening times because they understand that most people don’t run on a 9-5 schedule. This means that should you find on a Saturday afternoon you need the ladders that you placed in storage, you can simply hop in the car and go and get them and on the Monday when you are finished, pop them back into the storage unit. Simple!

It Is Extremely Cheap And Non-committal

Self storage is incredibly cheap and most facilities won’t bind you into a contract. So if your circumstances change quickly, or you suddenly can’t afford the unit, you can opt to stop using it straight away if you need to. This lack of commitment means that self storage is not a financial burden.

It’s Easy for Anyone To Use It

Self storage is easy for anyone to use because you are completely in control of your access. You don’t need to sign in to a unit or collect your keys every time you visit. Once you have booked your unit you usually keep hold of your keycodes, locks and gate keys. When you hire a unit you are shown how to use all of the facilities available to you and help is always on hand if you need it.

It Is Confidential

Although the storage facility may keep an extra set of keys for your unit for fire and safety purposes, they won’t enter the unit without your consent. So whatever you keep in the unit is completely private and confidential which means that you can rest assured that whatever items are in self-storage, they are going to be safe and not browsed through, which is often ideal for business use and archiving.

It Is Safe And Secure

If you’ve chosen to use a reputable storage facility then you can expect a high level of security surrounding your unit. Expect security cameras, security lights, alarm systems and various passcodes to enable paying unit owners to get in, and to keep potential thieves out. Security is often the number one concern, along with location, so by choosing carefully you can make sure that your items in self storage are going to be totally secure.


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